www.SBCGlobal.net – Login to Your SBCGlobal ATT Email Account Online

For you to access your SBCglobal account online, you need to go to log in, at the Yahoo mail Att.net login page. SBCglobal.net mail is nowadays part of att.net mail. And the said att.net mail is accessible through Yahoo: thanks to a partnership between AT&T Internet services and Yahoo. Thus, when you carry out a search for SBCglobal, you are directed to the Yahoo mail /att.net mail log in page. There, at the Yahoo Mail Att.net login page, you are required to enter your AT&T ID/your AT&T email, and your password, in order to access your account.

Making sense of the connection between SBCglobal, AT&T and Yahoo Mail

The connection between SBCglobal, AT&T (as in, att.net) and Yahoo Mail seems to be intricate at first. But it is actually quite simple. The initials SBC in SBCglobal stand for Southwestern Bell Company. This is what the company that is nowadays known as SBC was known as, prior to 2005. In 2005, SBC purchased AT&T, and opted to adapt AT&T’s better-known brand name. This is what culminated in its rebranding, from SBC, to AT&T. But before all this happened, there were some folks who had signed up for the legacy SBCglobal email addresses. These continued to be supported. The SBC legacy customers were the first to be put on the AT&T Yahoo! Service. That was even before AT&T severed its relationship with Google (in January 2008), leading to the Migration of all its webmail clients to the Yahoo platform. So this is how we end up with a situation where SBCglobal.net email accountholders are required to go to Yahoo’s att.net portal, to access their accounts.

The specific steps you need to follow, to access your SBCglobal email online

There are three specific steps that you need to follow, to access your SBCglobal email online.

The first step is that of going to Yahoo’s Att.net login page: which is effectively the Yahoo Mail login page. You can also simply go to att.net, and then click on the ‘sign in’ link at the top right hand side. This too, will take you to the att.net login page, which is essentially the Yahoo Mail login page.

The second step is that of entering your AT&T ID/Email (that is, the SBCglobal.net email), followed by the password.

The final step is that of either clicking on the ‘sign in’ button, or hitting the ‘enter’ key on your keyboard, to access your SBCglobal.net account.

Login credentials you need to enter, to access your SBCglobal email online

As we have already mentioned, the only login credentials you need to enter, to access your SBCglobal email online at Yahoo’s Att.net login page are your AT&T ID/email (your SBCglobal username), and the corresponding password.

Things you can do, once you access your SBCglobal email online

Once you access your SBCglobal email online, you can do many things. You can check your inbox, for any new or old mails. You can compose and send new emails. You can create email messages and save them as draft. You can forward emails to other people. You can delete old emails… and you can carry out any other account management tasks you can think of.

Links to get you going

Yahoo’s att.net email login page



  1. Allegra says

    I just got a new Apple. I use Entourage which is not supported. My emails are gone…& I’m not receiving anymore. Help!

  2. Michael says

    I was wondering if one we’re to no longer subscribe to att would they loose access to their email account?

  3. Peggy says

    plEase help. I i’ve gotten a new phone and forgotten my password
    I need help to reset it

  4. says

    when I move I will lose access to my att account/ sbcglobal email . How can I transfer my account emails to a new email account/address?

    • Carrie says

      Moving And will be uNable to get att service where I will move I understand from att that my email address, account will close forever. And I won’t be able to get Any emails or contacts I have presently. I am so upset. Is there any way to transfer my eMails and contacts to another email address? Or are they gone forever?